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App for farmers

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MoveM Benefits

The MoveM Traceability Platform can be used by all livestock producers for any species, including Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs.

Save time

Livestock Producers & Processors will save time with the Zero Touch technology. This increases the quality and integrity of the livestock movement data to close the business loop. The information is easily and effectively recorded, reported and retrieved with our MoveM platform.

Track & Trace

Each Livestock movement is tracked with GPS from the paddock to the processor and then to the consumer. The relevant data is collected and reported in real time to producers & stakeholders and used to verify the Paddock of Origin for the consumer and export markets.

Marketability & Profit

The MoveM platform ensures the producers & their regions are promoted to the consumer and the export markets, because the origin of the produce source is verifiable. Regions will be able to actively promote their quality & consistency. Further increasing efficiency and profit.


Export markets and domestic consumers will now know exactly where their produce originated. This increased certainty provided by the MoveM platform will help to better secure these export markets into the future. As well as provide a competitive advantage for producers locally.

Provenance & Red Meat Traceability

Why MoveM was created:

  • Many consumers wanted to know where their meat is from and if it is farmed ethically and sustainably.
  • Livestock producers were invisible to consumers and couldn’t tell their story.
  • Retailers lacked the right information around the meat they are selling.
  • Brand owners and exporters had no direct connection with the customer to promote their product and brand story.
  • Producers and sales agents did not know the condition or location of their livestock during and after transport.
MoveM App for Livestock Producers and Processors

The MoveM mobile app tracks your livestock movements from the farm gate to the processor. It is simple to use, shows you where your livestock is during transportation, and enables you to receive information and data directly from the processor in near real time.

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Mobile app for farmers
How it works

MoveM creates trust by providing secure and transparent traceability information across the entire supply chain.

Farmers manage their livestock movements and consumer facing profile

Everything starts with the farmers. Their story, and that of their livestock ready to leave the paddock is the most important to capture and subsequently share with all parties.

Detailed transport and processing information is then collected

Real-time data collection, feedback, and notifications between the producer, transporter, and processor helps ensure the quality and integrity of details collected throughout the supply chain.

The platform creates QR codes for packaging or display at the butchers

Before meat that's traced by the MoveM platform makes its way into the hands (and mouths) of consumers, a QR code is generated for presentation to consumers in the most accessible way possible.

Consumers scan the QR code to see the detailed origins of the meat

Whether in shops or restaurants, consumers scanning the QR code are taken to a webpage with an overview of the product along with further details of the who, what, when, where, how etc.

MoveM by Aurita

The MoveM Platform for livestock producers has been developed over the past 5 years by Aurita.

A fusion of brilliant ideas with comprehensive app development experience, Aurita was established in Canberra to create the very best mobile software applications. Aurita's founders have over 50 years of combined professional IT experience and have been developing mobile apps since 2004.

About Aurita

The future of  Livestock Traceability  is MoveM

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